ICF Homes by Dreams 2 Reality

Insulated Concrete Form Homes (ICF)

Houston is an ideal place to build an ICF home and Dreams 2 Reality is one of the few custom home builders experienced in this technology.

Insulated Concrete Forms (or ICFs) are forms or molds that have built-in insulation for accepting reinforced concrete. ICFs have become a preferred home building product worldwide. These large, hollow blocks are filled with reinforcing bar and concrete. The end result leaves you with a high-performing wall that is structurally sound, insulated, strapped, has a vapor barrier and is ready to accept final exterior and interior finishes. An Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Home can be multiple stories high and have many design features of a typical frame home.  The ICF walls incorporate framing, insulation, vapor barrier and shear resistance into one step.

ICF homes offer many benefits to the homeowner including:

  • ICF homes typically save upwards of 50% of utility costs when complementary materials and methods are incorporated into the structure during construction.
  • ICF homes provide quiet indoor environments.
  • ICF homes are durable in that the structure is solid concrete, unaffected by many of the problems of common frame construction.
  • The insulation value of the EPS foam never deteriorates and is unaffected by moisture or settling.
  • The solid wall construction eliminates drafts and air leaks that attribute to dust and pollen buildup within the home.
  • ICF homes that incorporate proper heating and cooling systems offer clean air environments for the occupants.
  • ICF homes don’t incorporate cavity wall construction that can be conducive to moisture and mold buildup.
  • ICF homes don’t offer a “readymade” home for bugs and critters to live unlike wood frame walls.
  • ICF Homeowners repeatedly exclaim “We’ll never go back to wood after living in our ICF home”

Want to see examples of ICF Homes we have built?

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ICF Homes by Dreams 2 Reality