Storm Damage

Safe Rooms & Storm Shelters

Do you need a shelter? Extreme windstorms such as tornadoes and hurricanes pose a serious threat to buildings and their occupants along the Gulf Coast.

Houses are built in accordance with local building codes that consider effects of minimum design winds. These are winds that, according to building code requirements, your house must be able to withstand. However, a tornado or hurricane can often cause winds much greater than those on which local building code requirements are based. Your house may be built "to code", but that does not mean that it can withstand winds from extreme events. If you are concerned about wind hazards where you live, especially if you live in Wind Zone III or IV, you should consider building a shelter.

What is a Safe Room?

A safe room is a small, windowless room built either inside or outside of a structure to provide you, your family and your belongings protection from severe weather.

How much protection will a Safe Room provide?

A safe room built according to FEMA approved plans can provide protection against winds of up to 250 mph or more and projectiles traveling at 100 mph or more - enough to protect the occupants from all but the most devastating tornadoes.

Where should I build a Safe Room?

Many people choose the master closet for the safe room. It makes good sense because it protects most of the owners' belongings and it can double as a room to use in case of a home invasion crime.

FEMA - Taking Shelter From the Storm

For guidelines on building a safe room inside your house please refer to this document from FEMA.

  Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House

To obtain a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please go HERE.


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